Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Knox Dance are exemplary and are what sets us apart from other schools. They are all fully qualified, experienced and genuinely caring.  They are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge in all aspects of dance teaching, safety and wellness by participating in regularly in workshops and seminars. 

Katrina Cichowski RAD, SFD, Director:

Katrina has been Director & founder of Knox Dance since 1992. She completed a Diploma in Dance Instruction and Management for classical dance in 1990 on completion of a 2 year full-time course. She attained the Southern Federation of Dance Teaching Certificate for Jazz, Tap and Ballet in 1993. She attained the Royal Academy of Dance teaching certificate in 2003. Katrina has over 20 years dance teaching experience, including Knox Dance, Tracey Academy of Dance, ABC Dance Studio & Ringwood Ballet Group. She also performed in Young Dancers Theatre for 4 years. She achieved Registered Teaching Status for the Royal Academy of Dance in 2004. Katrina became an examiner for the SFD in the Classical and Jazz syllabus in 2016.

Heather Craig ARAD:

Heather completed a Diploma in Performing Arts at Dance World in 2004. She has taught and performed overseas and has passed all of her RAD exams up to Solo Seal giving her the ARAD Qualification. Heather has been teaching at Knox Dance since 2007 and has been teaching at Careen School of Dance, Dance Struck, Broadbent Dance Academy, Boyd Dance Academy and numerous other schools for many years. Heather became an examiner for the SFD in the classical and Jazz syllabus in 2018 She continues to work in the dance industry performing in numerous shows around the world.

Natalie Blenheim SFD, ISTD:

Natalie attained her Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) teachers certificate in 1991. She owned her own school for 10 years and has considerable dance teaching experience. Natalie has been an examiner for the SFD for since 2000. In 2004 she achieved the Enrico Checceti Diploma “one of only 32 in Australia”. Natalie was the recipient of the SFD Outstanding Achievement Award for 2010. She recently completed a Bachelor of Education and currently teaches full-time at primary level.

Alicia Hastas:

Alicia has been dancing for 18 years and successfully completed her jazz, tap and ballet exams through Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD). She completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Arts – Dance in 2007 and her Bachelor of Education in 2009. She has been teaching dancing since 2003 and currently teaches full-time at primary level.

Rachel Hocking SFD:

Rachel has been a student of Knox Dance for many years and started teaching at Knox Dance in 2017. She attained her SFD Classical teaching certificate in 2017, and achieved a Bachelor of Education in 2018. Rachel is currently teaching at Primary School level.

Courtney Stelfox:

Courtney completed all RAD and SFD exams as a long time student of Ringwood Ballet Group and Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance before completing her Certificate 1V in dance at Spectrum Dance followed by a diploma in musical theatre in 2018. Courtney started teaching in 2018 with experience at Boyd Academy of Dance and Knox Dance.

Tatiana Walls SFD:

Tatiana has been a student at Knox Dance for many years. She became an assistant teacher in 2014, and completed her SFD teaching certificate at the beginning of 2016. In addition to teaching at Knox Dance, Tatiana has been teaching at Dance Desires and Michelle Rae School of Dance for several years. She also has musical theater experience, both as a choreographer and a performer with Stage Masters theater company.

Shara Kennedy SFD:

Shara has been a student at Knox Dance since 2012, but has been dancing for many years. In 2015 she completed her final SFD Level 10 Jazz exam with Honours. She began teaching at Kallista Dance Academy in 2013 and obtained her SFD Classical teaching certificate in 2017. shara has been teaching at Knox Dance since 2017.