Fee Structure

Fees are paid by the term, for the whole term. As the number of weeks in each term will vary, you will be invoiced each term according to the number of weeks. Our rates have a sliding scale of discount built in, so the more classes you do, the higher rate of discount is applied.

Tuition Fees

Hrs per week Early Bird Rate
1/2 Hr

40 Mins



3/4 Hr $14.00
1 Hr $16.00
1 1/4 Hr $20.00
1 1/2 Hr $24.00
1 3/4 Hr $28.00
2 Hrs $32.00
2 1/4 Hrs $32.50
2 1/2 Hrs $35.00
2 3/4 Hrs $37.50
3 Hrs $39.00
3 1/4 Hrs $42.00
3 1/2 Hrs $44.00
3 3/4 Hrs $46.00
4 Hrs $48.00
4 1/4 Hrs $50.00
4 1/2 Hrs $52.00
4 3/4 Hrs $54.00
5 Hrs $56.00
5 1/4 Hrs $58.00
5 1/2 Hrs $59.50
5 3/4 Hrs $61.00
6 Hrs $62.50
6 1/4 Hrs $64.00
6 1/2 Hrs $65.50
6 3/4 Hrs

7 Hrs

7 1/4 Hrs

7 1/2 Hrs

7 3/4 Hrs

8 Hrs










An annual registration & insurance levy of $30 per student will be charged upon enrolment  to hold your place in the class and help cover the monthly automated administration and receptionist costs. The insurance component is a personal accident insurance policy for each and every student. You can obtain a flyer stating your cover from reception.

Concert Fees – A non refundable Concert fee of $55 per concert item will be issued from term 2. This can be paid in full in term 2 or in 3 equal instalments, with the final instalment due by the start of term 4. Please refer to page 7 for more details. Ensure you record all cash payments in the payment book on the desk. If you do not receive your receipt within 1 week you must call the office to confirm payment.

Photo Shoot Fee – There is a $25 fee charged in term 4 for all students participating in the annual concert. This fee will be replaced by a discount to be used towards your photos.

Fee Policies & Procedures

1. Tuition paid before the end of the first week of term or by due date only will be eligible for the early bird rate. Fees paid after the due date will incur an automatic extra 10% please check your emails as ignorance is no excuse.

2. Students with outstanding fees 21 days past due date will be excluded from classes until their fees have been brought to date. Please don’t put teachers in this very uncomfortable position. NO student will be allowed to participate in the concert whilst fees are outstanding. Reminders that are ignored will result in exclusion.

3. Please include invoice number and surname in bank payment details when paying online or on your envelope when paying in cash. Named envelopes are to be placed in the drop box at reception, which is emptied each night. Please ensure you record all cash payments in the payment book on top of the reception desk.

If you do not receive your receipt within one week please contact the office to confirm your payment. 

4.  Enrolment is for one calendar year. Your enrolment will be carried over to the next term and a place will be held for you in your chosen class(es) unless we are otherwise advised. A minimum of two weeks notice is required to cancel or change classes, or the full term fee will be payable as the position in the class was held for you. No refund is given for students deciding to cease classes before the end of  term.

5. New students starting after the commencement of term will be invoiced for the remainder of the term Pro rata.

6. We do not issue refunds or discounts for classes missed as you are still holding a place in your class and overheads must be paid. However, you are encouraged to enquire about a make up class for any missed classes.

7. There will be a $5 fee for new invoices being created after the initial invoice has been sent out, due to change of mind regarding classes.

8. Payment plans can be arranged with Katrina. These must be organised before the due date of the invoice and will not include the early bird rate.

9. If classes are cancelled due to unavailability of teachers or venue, a credit note will be issued for the following term.