Annual Concert

This is the highlight of the year where students from Preschool classes upwards, get to present all of their hard work from throughout the year at the Karralyka Theatre in East Ringwood. Every student who participates will be awarded a medallion at the conclusion of the last performance, along with encouragement awards for selected students.

Tiny Toes students will not participate in the main concert, but will have a separate casual concert at our studio of their own.

2022 Performance dates:

All of the dates below are compulsory to take part in the end of year performance.

Put them in your calendar now to avoid disappointing clashes!


Compulsory last 2 weeks class attendance (all classes)— Saturday Nov 12th – Nov 26th

Compulsory Photo & Costume Check Day— Friday 11th Nov 4-9pm

Compulsory Full dress Rehearsal—Saturday November 26th (9-2pm) Karralyka Theatre

Compulsory Performance 1—Saturday November 26th  (6.00pm) Karralyka Theatre

Compulsory Performance 2—Sunday November 27th  (1.00pm) Karralyka Theatre

Important Concert Requirements

Students must attend 90% of all classes in term 4 up to be eligible to participate in the end of year concert.  Full class attendance is compulsory from the 13th Nov through to Nov 26th (The last 2 weeks before concert). This rule applies to all students, in all classes, to be fair to all other class members and teachers. It’s extremely important that the students get a couple of classes as full groups for spacing & choreography, as we rarely have full classes through the year. Poor attendance can be extremely disruptive, to both teachers and fellow students confusing patterns & choreography. This causes distress to everyone, which we strongly wish to avoid. If you know you won’t be able to make any of the compulsory rehearsals due to holidays or other commitments and therefore will not be able to participate in the concert, please let me know by August, so that we can arrange the dances accordingly.

 There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to missing any of the compulsory dates.

Please do not ask, as refusal will offend, and could be devastating to your child as well as putting me in a horrible position that could easily have been avoided.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Concert Costumes

You do not have to make your own costumes, as we run a costume hire facility.  Each student is required to pay a non refundable $55 per item concert fee, to go towards the costs of running this facility. This includes purchasing new costumes, the hiring of costumes from other schools and hire outlets, fabrics, designing, dressmaking, alterations, trims, paints, head dresses, flowers, sequins, braids, multiple fittings, costume bags and hangers, collating & bagging costumes ready to take home. It also includes a rehearsal fee for the theatre & staff. You will receive a separate invoice at the end of term 2 for concert fees. Concert fees are to be paid either in full by end term 2, or in 3 equal instalments over 3 terms. The concert fees are “not for profit” and 100% goes back into the costumes and concert preparations.